MPS Portal

The complete solution for making reports, which connects and benefits all involved in the process. The MPS Portal is compatible with all DICOM Viewers and can also be integrated with the clinic / hospital management system.

The software stores all informations on proven security servers, so you can view and manage images and reports in the cloud, eliminating large initial infrastructure costs. The application provide a process to performing diagnoses and offers mobility and productivity to radiologists, in addition to bringing more agility and organization to the clinic, making it more competitive.

How it works: After radiology technician finish the study, it must send the study to local gateway, that will compress the study and send to MPS Cloud servers. In minutes the study will available for physician perform the report, that can be typed or narrated. After releasing the report, it is ready to be printed or emailed to the requesting physician or patient.

The system has several types of users, each with access to specific features, thus ensuring more agility and security. You can view in graphs and reports the number of exams per day, reports by modality, medical subscribers, applicants, stratification by type of exam and much more. This way, the clinic can evaluate the productivity of clinical group, and can also measure your productivity with just one click.


MPS Scan – allows you to scan information such as medical order and questionnaires and add them to the examination to assist the physician in the making of the report, with complete patient information and documentation relevant to the examination.

MPS CD – allows the recording of the exams on CD and DVD, with image viewer, that can be accessed in any operating system, reducing the costs with the printing of radiological films.

MPS Worklistallows integration between the clinic / hospital management system and the equipment that performs the exams. Through a “work list” generated by the software, the radiology technician receives the complete information to perform his work and to pass the radiologists to the reports. Automatic filling of patient data on equipment brings more reliability, convenience and safety.