Designed to increase the productivity of your clinic

System for storing cloud images, facilitating the production of remote reports

Storage management and control with cloud storage that ensures savings and more security.


Facilitate the production of reports using the availability of cloud images


Security is one of our priorities, we have end-to-end encryption in our system.


System developed with focus on increasing the productivity of your clinic or hospital

Our system has a friendly interface and easy to use, the whole system was developed with a large team of doctors who were responsible for validating each step of the process.


Our system is compatible with any platform with internet connection

Advanced Settings

Customizable tools, we develop on-demand functions to better serve you







Productivity Management

In addition to conducting reports from a distance, you can also manage the growth of the health service through dynamic and efficient reports that evaluate the productivity of the clinic and the doctor.


Choose the best support model for your business, we have differentiated plans for large or small customers. Our support team is experienced and highly qualified, able to solve any situation related to the system.

Flexibility and Security

The system has user control, creating different access profiles (clinic, requesting physician, technician, radiologist, typist, etc.), in order to provide a totally safe and reliable environment

Increased productivity

We have been able to prove that the use of our system increases productivity by up to 50%

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